Renault Sport F1

Connecting Rod Torsion

In order to improve motor endurance and performance, Renault Sport F1 wanted to characterize connecting rod torsion response using video recordings taken by high-speed camera on the piston roof.

Sports and Leisure

Sports and Leisure

 Innovation is a key performance factor when designing equipment for sporting and competition. In this field, companies develop equipment whose mechanical robustness must factor in users' actual life profile (e.g., Formula 1, cycling, etc.). Companies also require measurement processes that allow them to characterise equipment potential more precisely (e.g., the effect of a rope on the trajectory of a ball).

 Thanks to its expertise in test customisation and statistical studies, and to the ability to attach discreet, wireless sensors to equipment such as bicycles and rackets, RMS provides companies with the knowledge required to mechanically size their products based on user usage.

With MVision and its knowledge of image processing, RMS provides post-processing abilities for the sports and leisure sector, from measurements of tennis ball rotation to contactless measurement of torsion in connecting rod assemblies.