Comfort Analysis System

Keolis is a leader in public transportation and oversees tramway lines in Lyon, France. Keolis wanted to install a system to analyze the comfort and dynamic performance of (Citadis) rolling stock in order to optimize service quality to passengers.

SignalLAB Railway

SignalLAB Railway

Rail transport industry (e.g., users or those working with infrastructure or rolling stock) seek to evaluate the quality of service provided by utilising methods to measure comfort or identify and characterise malfunctions using customised on-board systems. Rolling stock users (tramways, etc.) also want to measure changes in passenger comfort when the type of rail is changed.

With SignalLAB Railway, users can analyse comfort in accordance with rail standard ISO 2631-1 and estimate the dynamic performance of rolling stock. SignalLAB Railway can be customised to use different sensor configurations (e.g., triaxial accelerometers, phonic wheels, GPS, microphones, command TTL signals). It is compatible with the SignalLAB software suite, which contains unique features to analyse moving signals.

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