RMS's partnerships have several distinct objectives:


  • To deepen and refresh RMS's expertise in R&D through collaborations and technology transfers with research labs
  • To expand RMS's offerings through interdisciplinary collaborations with companies whose knowledge complements RMS's (e.g., electronics, mechanics, optics) or through vertical collaborations with companies in upstream (measurements) or downstream (e.g., integrator, software editor) industries.
  • To introduce RMS's offerings through bilateral events or by participating in economic or technical networks (competitiveness centre)


List of our partners:

Logo ECA (integrator in robotics)

Since 1936, ECA has been accumulating skills and knowledge in automation and has become a leader in protecting human lives using robotics, simulations, and monitoring and safety systems.

ECA's culture is centred on innovation for:

  • Defence: robots that identify and destroy mines, autonomous detection/cartography robots, surface drones, naval simulators, land robots, monitoring systems for ships, etc.;
  •  Civil: Monitoring/safety systems and training simulators for aeronautics, inspection and dismantling systems for nuclear, land simulators, etc.


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Founded in 1998, Metraware specialised in designing electronic systems and cards, developing on-board scientific and technical software, and measurements.

Today, thanks to its ambitions, its engineer's technical skills, and the quality of its service Metraware's products and softwares are recogized and used around the world. Don't hesitate to send them your project. Metraware will offer you a solution customised to your needs.


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 (acquisition systems) (research lab)

Since 1974, CELIANS has been designing, creating and selling high-precision, class 10-4 measurement instrumentation solutions for land and air test cells.
The acquisition of MEIRI in 2009 formed a union of two French builders specialising in metrology, allowing them to offer a comprehensive set of measurement services including sensors, galvanic isolators, amplifiers, conditioners, and the acquisition of all types of physical variables (force, coupling, acceleration, pressure, etc.).
The alliance increases their presence in research and test centres (in the aeronautics, space, F1, military, nuclear and rail sectors), as well as in all domains that use their techniques to oversee production.


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 (research lab) 

The signal and systems lab (L2S) is a mixed research unit (UMR8506) at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the École supérieure d'électricité (Supélec), and the Université Paris-Sud (UPS). It is primarily associated with the Institute of information science and their interactions(INS2I). Its secondary association is with the Institute of systems and engineering science (INSIS) at CNRS. 

L2S's expertise is vast and covers various domains of exact sciences and engineering sciences: automation, signal processing (images, words, visuals), ECAD, modelling, optimisation, electromagnetism, microwaves, electrical engineering, energy, etc.


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 (competitiveness centre for space and aeronautics) 

Did you know that drones, blimps, helicopters and other devices can be used to transport extremely heavy loads, monitor changes in oil slicks, operate in areas hit by a Seveso disaster, and even observe changes in a fire and inform fire-fighters in real-time? These examples illustrate new markets that are opening up to builders and designers of aircraft, industry workers, and researchers who develop on-board systems (such as sensors, cameras and telecommunication systems), materials, intelligent textiles, and new sources of energy.

The Pégase centre facilitates access to the industry for small and mid-sized businesses, promotes partnerships between the business and research worlds, and uses means to grant its members access to these opportunities.


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 (optics and photonics competitiveness centre)

The PoPsud association was founded in 2000 as an initiative for industry workers and researchers. Its mission is to conduct and promote research, training, and industrial development in optics and photonics in southern France and to strengthen synergies and partnerships between research community, industry, and higher education.

The centre's main missions are: to stimulate an optics/photonics community (through conferences, exhibitions, missions, directories, oversight, and networking), help and encourage innovative projects (certification of collaborative R&D projects), implement structuring projects (technological platforms and  platforms using shared equipment), and establish a European position (a presence in European programs and European collaborations), and develop a strategy of targeted, international alliances.

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 (measurement consultant)

Independent consultant whose primary activity is Physical Measurement and its environment. This concerns the measurements of Force, Coupling, Pressure, Vibrations and Shock, and related systems.

This work can be performed as needed, in accordance with partnership agreements, or to find business for consulting services, sales prospects, or training.

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 (video measurement)

Do you want to visualise and understand the effects of impact, shock, vibrations, and explosions? Do you want to improve fast or complex kinematics for industrial processes?
Avi.Speed is a specialist in high-speed slow motion vision, providing experience and high-quality technical methods (digital cameras with 50 to 50,000 images/second).

Services available by the day, equipment rentals, responsive service throughout France.

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