In order to optimize the control-command system of its nuclear boiler, AREVA TA must estimate confidence intervals for primary parameters (core temperature, steam generator level, neutron flux, etc.).

Nuclear and Energy

Nuclear  and Energy

 In the energy sector, installation safety and availability are constant objectives. Companies in the nuclear sector and their equipment manufacturers want to improve performance of radioprotection devices and neutron flux measurements and reduce downtime (e.g., they want to refill fuel as quickly as possible).

Our knowledge and modelling of customer consumption are also strategic assets, since they allow us to anticipate production capacity.

Thanks to its expertise in studying stochastics, RMS is a major partner for companies seeking to optimise their nuclear counting measurement algorithms or model consumption habits of various customer segments.

With ErrorCAD, we can reproduce the law of error in a measuring chain or fault tree and estimate the precise uncertainty of physical variables that have been developed.


By using MVision, companies have a solution at their fingertips that allows them to use video for contactless positioning measurements in difficult settings.