Video Trajectometry Testing for Impacts from Foreign Objects

Aircelle, a subsidiary of Safran group, is specialized in integration, design, and fabrication of nacelles for airplane motors.

Renault Sport F1

Connecting Rod Torsion

In order to improve motor endurance and performance, Renault Sport F1 wanted to characterize connecting rod torsion response using video recordings taken by high-speed camera on the piston roof.



 Companies may encounter difficulties when taking displacement measurements when instruments being tested cannot be equipped due to size, or because of deformation during testing or high costs. There is an unfilled need in measuring displacement of things such as a flexible electric cable (spark-ignition engines), an object that breaks up when hit (bird strikes), small objects (mobile phones), or a rotating object (sports balls, falling rocks).

 MVision software is a contactless displacement-measurement tool that does not require prior marking of moving objects. MVision takes a video sequence and follows and extracts the movements of multiple objects or areas of interest in images containing shifting, rotating, and depth. The software includes a calibration features that allows users to switch to metric information.

MVision is extremely useful for shock or vibration tests where objects in the image cannot be equipped with accelerometers or wire sensors. The software can also take additional measurements after the fact in areas not equipped during the test.

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