Reproducing Measurements from a Missing Dynamic Sensor

PSA wanted to improve the quality and quantity of information gathered from trials but ran into some difficulties taking measurements in actual environments : sensors were fragile and required periodic calibration, and sometimes they were too bulky for operational use.

RENAULT / PSA Peugeot Citroën

Product life's profile definition in automotive industry

In the automotive industry and especially within the framework of the mechanical and climatic fatigue design of parts, an essential way to obtain an accurate knowledge of the product life’s profile is to make on-board measurements.



 Some sensors provide essential information, but it can be difficult to use them in on-board trials. These implementation difficulties are generally due to the fragility of sensors, their sensitivity to environmental conditions, their bulk, or even simply the cost of using them. Companies faced with such difficulties must choose between alternative measurements using special sensors or exploiting sensor redundancy.

 DYNA+ is a software system that recreates measurements from missing dynamic sensors and replaces the sensors when they cannot be used. DYNA+ works by learning from multiple measurements taken when the sensor is present. DYNA+ can reproduce the missing sensor's measurements with a standard deviation of several percentage points.

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