Software for Characterizing Underwater Dunes

SHOM performs many seabed analyses to better understand the movements and changes of underwater dunes, which can be dangerous to navigation. SHOM needed software for automatically detecting and characterizing dunes to populate a database available to the entire marine industry.

Defence and Marine

Defence and Marine

 The defence industry must innovate constantly to design high-quality equipment and services that function reliably.

New remote-operated devices (drones, ROVs) need precise, reliable navigation systems in order to be autonomous.
Surveillance systems must be able to detect threats safely and reliably without registering false alarms.
In maritime work, bathymetric measurements are becoming more widespread and help improve cartography and deep-sea characterisation operations.

 RMS regularly carries out studies and develops specialised solutions for the defence sector:

  • RMS designs navigation systems that combine video odometry and on-board instrumentation. These systems replace traditional identification methods when such methods are not operational
  • RMS's expertise in classification of data and their uncertainties help control the risk of non-detection or false alarms by threat-detection systems
  • The combination of wavelet techniques and image processing developed by RMS results in precise, fast digital land modelling.