Video Trajectometry Testing for Impacts from Foreign Objects

Aircelle, a subsidiary of Safran group, is specialized in integration, design, and fabrication of nacelles for airplane motors.


Analysis of Vibration Measurements from the A380

Airbus performs flight tests as part of performance and certification tests for its aircraft. Many tests involve the vibrational behavior of various aircraft subsystems, both for the purposes of safety and passenger comfort. Airbus wanted to analyze vibration measurements in a short amount of time as well as detect erroneous measurements—all at a high level of expertise and at low cost.


Analysis of Pyrotechnic System Test Signals

Dassault Aviation has developed pyrotechnic systems for, among other things, separating the stages of the Ariane 5 launcher. In this case, the characterization tests performed to optimize systems were complex and highly dynamic.



 Developing and launching a new aircraft or space engine requires many major performance and certification tests. Space and aeronautics companies must analyse test data quantitatively and qualitatively. On-board test measurements are often affected by interference, which can lead design offices to incorrectly account for excitation of structures.

Some measurements are difficult during test flights using classic instruments. Transient stages or stages with movement (e.g., take-off, climbing, landing) can also require thorough analysis.


  • With QualiSig, RMS provides a solution that detects measurement errors automatically. Our software helps companies conduct research in the space and automotive industries. It completely automates test processing, from quality control of measurements to intelligent displaying of analysis results.
  • Thanks to MVision, we can take contactless displacement measurements for systems that are difficult to implement in test flights (e.g., refuelling boom vibrations) or very specific ground tests (e.g., bird strikes). MVision does not require prior marking of mechanical systems to create usable video data.
  • With SignalLAB's help (software for analysing transient signals), a thorough analysis of movement stages can become rich sources of information. SignalLAB's methods include original functions used by most major companies in the space industry.